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LINX Reflux Management System

  • The new revolutionary treatment for GERD.
  • The LINX Reflux Management System.
  • Exclusively offered by the Heartburn Treatment center.

A new, FDA approved device, LINX Reflux Management System is now available. It “augments” the damaged sphincter muscle, yet still allows food to pass normally into the stomach while preventing reflux.

Linx Reflux Management System in PlaceLINX Reflux Management System – Ask us!

Gastroesophageal reflux, also known as acid reflux or GERD is caused by a weak and damaged lower esophageal sphincter (LES) which is a muscular structure at the end of the esophagus that normally prevents reflux of stomach contents upward into the esophagus. There is now a new treatment; the LINX Reflux Management Device.

The LINX reflux management system is available at the Heartburn Treatment Center. We are one of a small, select group of Centers in the United States chosen to offer this brand new therapy. We have the capability to evaluate patients thoroughly and properly to assure proper determination if someone is a candidate or not. We have also been trained in the special technique in placing this device.

The LINX device is a small flexible ring of magnetic beads placed very loosely around the lower esophagus at the site of the damaged LES. The beads composing the “bracelet” are easily able to separate or “open” to allow the passage of food into the stomach then closes again preventing reflux. Remember, the LINX device does not squeeze the LES closed, but “augments” it preventing inappropriate opening of the damaged LES. It is this design that allows it to stop reflux without the side effects seen with other treatments.

About the LINX Reflux Management System

The LINX device is placed using minimally invasive surgical techniques under general surgery. You are asleep, resulting in a painless procedure. Placement of the device takes only 20-30 minutes. Usually there is an overnight stay in the hospital and you are discharged on a normal diet and usually unrestricted activities.

The most recent data from Europe where it has been used for over 5 years revealed no device-related complications 3-5 years following the procedure. The body tolerates it well. 85% no longer needed GERD-related PPI medications. On post procedure testing at 5 years, the pre procedure reflux returned to normal in 75%. Side effects are minimal and quality of life as measured by a special survey was dramatically improved by LINX. What’s more, 91% would undergo the procedure again if needed and 94% would recommend it to a friend.

Not everyone is a candidate for the LINX Reflux Management Device but the Heartburn Treatment Center has the capability to make that determination. As one of the exclusive LINX Centers in the United States, please ask about LINX. It may be right for you!

Today, make that decision to contact Dr. Nilesh Patel. Register for your FREE Evaluation at one of our Reflux treatment centers. If you would like to speak to someone about reflux causes, symptoms and treatments please fill out our online contact us form.