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Killeen Heartburn Treatment Center – Acid Reflux – GERD – Heartburn Relief

The Killeen Heartburn Treatment Center is led by Dr. Leah Dill, D.O., currently one of two surgeons in south Texas who is certified in the placement of the LINX Reflux Management System.

Watch Dr. Leah Dill on KSAT TV for Acid Reflux solved by Magnets!

Services include the LINX Procedure, Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication and many other sensible options to help with the treatment of chronic heartburn and GERD.

The Killeen Heartburn Treatment Center

Our center provides access for heartburn patients to receive quality treatment for their chronic heartburn and GERD symptoms. Our centers provide; pre- and post-operative counseling and support, nutritional counseling, a nutritional resource store, insurance concierge services and affordable financing options. All of our Heartburn treatment centers welcome Medicare.

2201 South WS Young Dr Ste. 111-B
Killeen, TX 76541
Phone: (254) 213-5921

Frequently Asked Questions about our Heartburn Centers

Have questions about our treatment centers? At the Killeen Heartburn Treatment Center we pride ourselves in offering the best available resources in aiding you on your journey to overcoming heartburn and GERD.

Dr. Dill specializes in Heartburn and GERD treatments including:

Our Services Include:

  • Insurance Concierge
  • Life Partner for Heartburn and GERD
  • Program Psychologist
  • Program Dietician
  • Nutritional Resource Store

Our Killeen Heartburn Treatment Center is a group of highly trained professionals focused on ensuring your health for a lifetime.

Reflux disease is a serious, progressive, and often misunderstood disease. It affects millions of people on a regular basis. In fact, one in three American adults experience the heartburn and discomfort associated with reflux disease weekly. For some, reflux is simply a nuisance, but for many it impacts their ability to go about their daily lives.

Most times, heartburn treatment focuses on the relief of symptoms with medications, and while these medications can effectively control symptoms, they do nothing to correct the underlying causes of the disease. In addition, some of these drugs can have serious side effects when taken long term.

Don’t wait another minute, start down the road to recovery right now!