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Acid Reflux Treatment Success Story for Darin McDole – San Antonio

By November 10, 2022No Comments

Read the Acid Reflux Treatment Success Story for Darin McDole of San Antonio.  Darin’s Hiatal hernia repair surgery had him wanting to tell everyone, “I feel like the code to good health has been cracked!”

Darin, like many others, had struggled with acid reflux for most of his life. He was initially diagnosed in 2003.  “For the last fourteen years, I battled with acid reflux and Gerd, which resulted in a hiatal hernia all while in the military. I slept in a chair with my head elevated because if I laid back my acid reflux was severe enough that I would choke to the point of vomiting. It was miserable; my throat was sore and galled constantly by the stomach acid. I had taken prescription acid inhibitors such as Zantac, Prilosec, Aciphex daily for all those years. Aciphex was the only medication that provided me with any relief. Due to my sleeping arrangements, I remained tired and fatigued. My diet had virtually no impact either. Tomato based and spicy meals initially were worse for me, but eventually, even water would bring on Gerd. The final straw for me was once I noticed that my constant stomach acid was causing damage to my teeth.”

Mr. McDole got to a point where enough was enough, so he reached out for help. “I spoke to my primary care physician, who was tracking all those years of acid inhibitor prescribed to me by the Army. He proposed referring me to Dr. Patel and the professionals at the Heartburn Center. My insurance approved the referral. Tests were conducted to determine the strength and health of my esophagus, measure daily stomach acid triggers and visually inspect through an upper endoscopy what the damage looked like. At that stage, Dr. Patel let me know I was a candidate for a partial wrap of my esophagus to repair both the hiatal hernia and the perforations to my esophagus.”

“Life is great’ Darin let us know. “I am sleeping flat in my bed and even on my stomach for the first time in 14 years. Just through diet modification, I have seen my weight reduce from 235 to 201 since the 26th of August. My procedure was conducted 3 weeks ago on the 19 October, and I am capable of eating anything without any signs of reflux. I am careful to chew thoroughly, and to not eat beyond being full and I am seeing great results. I feel like this is a second chance at life, so I am sticking to the diet that Dr. Patel recommended and minimizing my starchy carbs. I am in the gym, walking daily, and soon I will be swimming again. I feel fantastic!”

After his acid reflux treatment – he wanted those reading his story to know, “If you are struggling, only you know your breaking point. I was worried about any medical procedure that could negatively impact me. Quality of life was already so poor. Once the acid reflux began to damage my teeth, I couldn’t take it anymore. As it turns out, I regret waiting so long. The team at the Heartburn Center has changed my life. I have no acid reflux and I have followed Dr. Patel’s guidance and I am losing weight. It has served as an inspiration for my wife, my brother, and really the whole family. I feel like the code to good health has been cracked!”