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Linx Procedure Allows Patient To Resume Favorite Activities

“I now notice zero heartburn during the day!”

Procedure: Linx
Procedure Date: January 30th, 2015

Success Story Benefits

  • Is able to eat his favorite foods without concern about his acid reflux!
  • Able to work outside and enjoy favorite hobbies!
  • No longer taking his proton pump inhibitors!

Steven Huth first came in to speak with Dr. Leah Dill on November 13th 2014. At the time he was experiencing abnormally high symptoms associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease, (GERD). Steven says, “I was sleeping with 6 pillows to stay almost vertical at night and dreaded eating because of my heartburn and acid reflux!” Steven’s reflux began around eight years ago. At first it was nothing that he concerned himself over. He would continue doing his regular activities, such as working in his yard or going on hikes. However, shortly after he noticed his heartburn was worsening he began developing cavities in his mouth due to his acid going all the way up into his mouth. As Steven’s GERD increased his symptoms began to be almost unbearable. Steven would wake up in the middle of the night in pain and finally began to see a gastroenterologist to help him cope with his side-effects. After his first visit, Steven, was prescribed proton-pump inhibitors, (PPI’s) and ordered to have a scope put into his esophagus to see what the issue was. Shortly after his testing was complete it was revealed that Steven’s pyloric valve in his esophagus was completely opened! Steven’s gastroenterologist described his valve as “incompetent.” Due to this, incompetent valve, Steven’s gastroenterologist researched and suggested for him to get the Linx procedure performed. However, they did not know who would be able to perform this surgery and began researching different facilities. Eventually Steven came across Dr. Leah Dill who is one of a handful of surgeons capable of performing the Linx procedure in Texas. Right before seeing Dr. Dill Steven described his pain as, “So severe I was unable to sleep!” His PPI’s were no longer helping and was having constant pain both day and night. He knew he needed something more permanent than taking a medication every day to get back to eating his favorite foods and being as active as he once was.

Finally, the day had come where Steven was able to speak with Dr. Dill about a more permanent solution to his GERD. Steven describes Dr. Dill as, “Very knowledgeable and helped him to understand how GERD progresses. She made everything very easy and was very caring!” Steven said, “I was impressed after my first visit and knew I had a good surgeon. The office staff was also very helpful to move everything along!” One of the first things Dr. Dill ordered was a pH bravo study. This helps the doctor see how much acid goes into your esophagus over the period of two days. Steven’s initial results were in the ‘very sever’ range. A normal patient who has GERD will register a score of 14 on this test. Steven registered a 38 over the course of two days. Once learning this Steven called the office and said, “I need to get this score down into the normal range!” Steven knew he was in danger for developing esophageal cancer and on the morning of the fifteenth of January he went in to get his Linx device placed by Dr. Dill. He was nervous at first in getting the Linx placed and dealing with the recovery time but says, “I was completely out of surgical pain in 5 days and in 1 day was already off my pain medication!” His heartburn had significantly dropped and he’s feeling like, “A Bionic Man!” Determined to see the results the Linx produced Dr. Dill and Steven decided to do another pH bravo test, ‘I wanted to see the results the Linx procedure had produced both for myself and Dr. Dill!’ A couple weeks later Dr. Dill, Steven, and the entire clinic staff were shocked at the results. His score on the pH bravo test had dropped from a 38 to a 3.8 after the two day testing period was over. Steven has been the model of what The Heartburn Center of South Texas believes we can do to help patients suffering from acid reflux issues. Steve is no longer taking his PPI’s and has found a more permanent solution to his heartburn and GERD. Steven is now enjoying his favorite foods again and is a regular favorite anytime he calls any of the staff members at The Heartburn Center of South Texas.

“With Dr. Dill’s knowledge, expertise, and care I now am able to again do my favorite activities and eat my favorite foods!”