Treating Barrett’s Esophagus

GERD Failed Treatment

GERD Failed Treatment

The Pill Isn’t the Only Option

the Pill isn't the only option.

LINX for Life – The Revolutionary NEW Treatment

LINX fir LIFE. The Revolutionary NEW Treatment

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Our Heartburn Treatment Centers Provide Relief for GERD and Acid Reflux

Heartburn Treatment Centers Locations in South Texas

Heartburn Treatment Centers Locations in Texas

The Heartburn Treatment Centers of South Texas is happy to provide you desirable treatment options to treat your heartburn, acid reflux and GERD symptoms. Our Centers are led by Dr. Nilesh Patel, FACS, a nationally recognized and fellowship-trained surgeon.

Dr. Patel and his team focus on providing patients with long-term acid reflux treatments that are best suited for our patients’ lifestyles. We offer customized programs and treatment options to better assist our patients in treating their discomfort and symptoms.

If you are struggling with acid reflux, chronic heartburn, or GERD, know that you are not alone. Allow our Heartburn Treatment Centers to give you the relief that you have always desired. Today is the day to make that decision to contact Dr. Nilesh Patel to learn more about surgical GERD treatment options! Register for your initial FREE seminar at one of the Heartburn Treatment Centers, or contact us via email.

Watch Dr. Leah Dill on KSAT TV for Acid Reflux solved by Magnets!


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